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Without Troy - Finally on YouTube

YouTube recently changed it's rules to allow much longer and larger videos. The big upshot of this is now Without Troy is finally available there.
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Watch Without Troy Now

We just uploaded Without Troy to The Internet Archive. We have an official content page here. From that page you can stream the video or download it in several formats, including the 720p mpeg4 that was shown at the premiere. Soon we'll have the movie available for viewing on Vimeo for HD streaming. But for now, this is pretty amazing.

EDIT: now in SD from Vimeo.

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The Premiere

We did it. Last night we premiered Without Troy in the Reilly Room to a packed crowd of around 300 people. Everything went off without a hitch. Honestly it was the best night of my life.

Don't worry if you couldn't be there to see it. We'll be releasing the movie online for free under the creative commons. Also if you are in the south-eastern part of Indiana we'll be re-premiering the movie in the Park Theatre in North Vernon. I'll see you there.

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I've taken too dang long to post this. In order to get the perfect sound for Without Troy brand new sound effects had to be created. Watch the slideshow to see how.

When in your college career did you smash melons with baseball bats for class credit?

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I usually have a rule against linking to myspace. I'm breaking so you get to hear DoLa. He's donated some music to Without Troy and I can't help but give him a shout out.

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We're Done

And here's the proof:

All creative processes have be completed and the DVD has been sent out for duplication. With any luck we'll have them available for purchase on the night of the premiere. And now, for I have only slept 6 hours thus far in the week, I shall rest.

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Audio Mix

Nic has been working hard with our composers to create the rich sound of Without Troy. It may seem calm in these pictures, but that's cause you haven't seen the night we recorded sound effects.